Donation button added

I like electronics..... I mean I LIKE electronics.... Not in that "Ooh this is neat, I'd like to have this someday." kind of way, but more in a "If I don't have that, my body is going to implode, which will create a void in space time which will suck everyone and their mother into nothingness!" kind of way.

Or perhaps it is in a "If that (insert shiny device here) were a woman, I'd be making the sweetest of love to it/her." kind of way....

At any rate, in order to get my fix, I'm going to have to use some form of currency to obtain them, seeing as how i'm not hardcore enough to go break into Best Buy and take what I want. This is where you, the readers, come into play.

I have added a paypal donation button to the sidebar so that you can..... well.... support my habit. Enablers make the best friends don't they?

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