Win 3.11

I might as well post this.

I got to fooling around with stuff, and for purposes of nostalgia, I installed DOS + win 3.11 on a usb stick and ran it off my Eee. I even got Ethernet working and was able to browse the web on my DSL connection. *sigh* And I say other people have too much time on their hands....

Edit: Apparently a few people find this intriguing... If you want a little rundown on how to do this, post up a comment, and if there is enough interest, I'll work up a play by play.


Vinci said...

i'm interested! please post a tutorial on how to do it!

Rui said...

i would be interested in know how did you set up the screen resolution and also the wireless card, if possible

ipozero said...


nice idea for playing old games ;)

the sound works ?

Andrew Roach said...

Hi, hello from the future:

Did you ever do a followup to this?

I'd love to know what steps you took to get the ethernet working.

Did sound work?

--David said...

If you still have this project and/or the steps to get ethernet and/or sound working, I’d love to read about it. I have a 701 that I just put DOS 622 and WFW on and can play Doom and Redneck Rampage, but no net and no sound.... thanks!