Ok, I haven't been avoiding my blogging obligations; I just haven't had time. You try getting a house ready for a new member of the family when you are one of the biggest electronic nerds in central washington.

I have TONS of crap that I didn't even know I had.

I've thrown away so many pieces/parts of laptops, mp3 players, toys, and game consoles, I don't even know what's left. I haven't been on Eeeuser, and I've been checking liliputing only once a day, as opposed to my usual habit of being glued to the monitor waiting for the newest post on either site.

I'm still working on a Dell 'E' post roundup, which will most likely be links to other blogs' posts that I find interesting or informational. As soon as this baby gets here and I start my new contact center job, I should have a bit more monies to pick up some of the newer netbooks and try em out. Bear with me.

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