Eee 701sd spotted at my local Toys R Us!

So we were in toys r us, looking for various things. I decided to go down the aisle that has all the instruments and whatnot for kids, along with portable dvd players. What do I stumble across? Yep. Netbooks. The Eee 701sd to be specific.

The Eee, as you can sEee, is listed in two colors and OS choices. 269.99 for the linux model, and 299.99 for Windows flavor. WowEee.....

On top of all this, they were selling accessories branded especially for the Eee: Neoprene sleeves, wired mini-mice, wireless mice, and speakers with flashy led bases.

So yea. That makes two stores in this little city that are carrying Eee Products. You'll remember this post where I found Eee's at Target. I also found a 120gb Aspire one at Walmart, but there were people looking at it, so I will get pics of the setup next time I am in there.

I'm assuming I will see a netbook in my local Bestbuy next, but so far they are only stocking normal human sized laptops..... meh.

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