i'm starting a new box


i'm about to start building a new computer
not because actually need one, don't be silly!! , it's a sickness,(but i go on.)

starting at the start i'm trying to pick a tower, i go in the opposite direction of our fearless leader El jefe ,
ubersmall does not excite me ,

i like big and shiny ,i plan to go big with the video card and the processor so i need all the fans (or cubic mm of fan) i can shoehorn into it .

heres the one i'm almost set on
(drum roll please)

the xclio 1000

full spec and review here

but here's the short of it ...

8 120 mm fans, all targeted at a key component
(3 front,3 side panel,2 topside all led and controllable independently in sections )

12 or 6 5.25 slots

8 or 12 3.5 slots

Dimensions 23.3" x 9.5" x 26"(i said i like big.....)

and it's compatable with the 1200w ($270 on newegg)greatpower pw supply it's modular and wayyy more watts then i need, i like to over supply (i'm a suspenders AND belt kind o' guy)

it's under $300 and its very shiny

there IS drool on my keyboard as we speak
(well,type and read respectively, but you get the idiom)

anyone got any thoughts?

apart from correcting my grammar?(looks angrily at Jeff)

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