New Bits and SICKmods bits

Hey I'm a user on Acidmods known as TimmyDX or just TIMMEH! after the southpark character, i'll be contributing bits and pieces of my thoughts on technology and modding to jair's blogg, i always though highly of his modding for all i didn't make an effort to get to know him well before he disappeared

One awesome set of technology that APPLIES to modding is that of SICKmods modchips. These guys basically develop modchips for consoles that instead of being for alternate os's, just give extra functions to the console hardware wise as opposed to software and firmware. My personal favourites are they're led effects chips such as the faders and pulse VU chips, both of which i've had the pleasure of installing in DS Lites and making easy to follow tutorials for. I also installed a fader deluxe in a psp recently. Can be applied to anything with a power source and room for shiny lights ;) (My youtube account, has a few demo's of there chips)

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