Virtumonde? Forget it!

So yea. I just got done wiping my hard drive..... Again..... I had like 40 instances of virtumonde infecting my shell and my system files.... It was an ugly battle. As soon as I wiped all but like... 3 of the dll's responsible, they instantly replicated. So in the end, I backed up what I could, turned tail, and ran. I had to use the atom bomb of computers: partition software and my xp install cd.

Everything seems to be up and running again. I'm using Avira Antivir's free antivirus this time around. Let's hope the beast doesn't rear its ugly head once more. The more I think about it, I think the problems started when I did an ad-hoc through my iphone to see how pdanet worked. It effectively left me standing there with my pants down. If you try to tether your computer, make sure you have a 3rd party firewall, or you will suffer the same fate as I have.

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