Hey everyone, I'm Jumbo or gotjumbo911, I'm a modder from I saw that jair needed some help with his blog and needed some people to post some new stuff.
I figured it give it a go :D I'm mainly a PSP Modder so you'll see mostly psp stuff out of me. I look forward to writing some articles in the near future. Another thing, I'm new to blogging,
so if you have any thing to tell me email me at

I figured i go ahead and tell everyone a quick site name to get some good PSP Stuff, mainly for modding. Its got some high prices, but you do get what you pay for, which is high quailty products. The site is coolmods, they have PSP Cases, Faceplates, Buttons, UMD Doors,
and Acidmods famous, Razor X which makes Dual Nub possible and a fairly simple install with no solder blobs to keep it as smooth as possible.
So check 'em out and give them a test!

Link to Coolmods-

Example of a dual nub PSP-

Also, if you have any story ideas, email me!

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