Mirror’s Edge DLC (with no guards att all)

Mirror’s Edge is a great–but i think flawed–experiment that combined a first-person action game with the platforming challenge of parkour or freerunning (if you dont know what that is, google it. it's pretty cool), .

It's got one fatal flaw though, uber-strong armed guards that had players(my self included) slamming controllers in frustration as they failed to escape without engaging in difficult (and neer imposible later in the game)fistfights.

fighting just does not fit well into the game, the combat system seems to have goon in as an after thought.
and it just plain sucks

The downloadable content from the developers at EA DICE, however, fixes that problem by simply removing the guards from the equation. the new DLC pack offers seven new maps set in an alternate dimension realm with platforms floating in the sky above absolutely nothing below. The focus is simply pure parkour running, which the original game did extremely well. The goal is racing against the clock.

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