redsn0w Lite v2 brings us closer to untethered Jailbreaking

These days one the the most wanted devices are iPod's. Apples newest being the iPod Touch 2g which has volume rockers, a built in speaker, and a sleek curved back. The ONLY downside, no official jailbrake. The project know as redsn0w (Even the name is cool) has kept dev team members working constantly trying to get the final 2g Jailbrake out. So far we have a tethered jailbrake which isn't really useful because you need to re-jailbrake it everytime you boot your ipod, and a Semi-tethered Jailbreak, which has a Normal mode and Jailbroken mode. The normal mode keeps all your jailbroken apps and cydia but they aren't usable. But you can go into DFU Mode (Recovery Mode if you didn't know) and run a small file and it will boot into Jailbroken mode so your cydia, NES, PSX ect. will work. Even as annoying as it is there have been teams that made programs to make it a little bit easier. It does takes some manual work and some computer knowledge to pull off the Semi-Tethered because there aren't any programs for it yet. I cant wait for the full redsn0w to come out so I and many other people can enjoy themes, backgrounds, and Apps that Apple wont allow to have an awesome ipod touch. Below ill post a video that will show you have to jailbreak using the semi-tethered jailbreak even though i recommend just waiting until the untethered version is released if you don't know what your doing. ALSO, This possibly retracts your Warranty. Enjoy!

Heres a screen shot of my ipod showing Cydia, Winterboard, and installer among others-

This is probably the easiest way to do it so far-

Link to video-

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