Rumors of the new Red Xbox 360 are true!

Today when on my 360 I saw the red 360 in the dashboard and I ran to my PC to write this up. Today, (February 24, 2009) Microsoft
Officially announced the Red xbox to the public. It will be releasing the same day as Resident Evil 5, March 13 2009 and Yes, it is a bundle

The Package includes-
* red Xbox 360 Elite console
* red limited edition wireless controller
* black Xbox 360 headset
* 120GB HD, with exclusive RE5 XBL theme
* A copy of Resident Evil 5
* Download coupon for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Even though i wont be buying this, if you are a RE fan and were thinking of getting a 360, I recommend you get this baby because it
is a really kick ass item. On another note, there is still no update saying the price so i guess we will just have to wait and see what it will be.

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