tax time = new toys!!!!!

one of the toys i got with my taxes this year is a new media player....

now.... i have a growing hatred of the (i)pod people,
(if they sold an accessory for it i, know people who would do carnal thing with their ipods and i phones)
and I've never been a fan of the zune players, so i went looking to see if they still sold the archos jukebox.
sadly they don't :( . so i got it's smaller ,cheaper great-great-grandchild the archos 405

The Archos 405 is a smaller(though about as large as it could be and still be pocketable in jeans), more portable version of the new Archos 605 WiFi. Compared to the 605, the 405 does not have the touch-screen interface, Wi-Fi connectivity, and wireless download content partners. Still, the 405 defends the Archos reputation for making really decent,really affordable portable video and music players.

The Archos 405 comes in 2GB(with sd slot) and 30gb(without)capacity . While the paltry 2GB of internal memory seems almost criminal for a portable video player (average movie is 700mb), the SD expansion slot supports high-capacity Flash memory cards up to 16GB that you can easily swap out of the player.
all the music on my computer fits onto the internal storage and leaves the 8 gb hcsd card i got for videos and such

specs(from cnet)

* Device Type Digital AV player
* Key Features Digital audio player, Digital photo viewer, Digital video player
* PC Interfaces Hi-Speed USB
* Features PDF viewer , USB host function
* Depth 0.5 in
* Weight 5.1 oz
* Height 3.1 in
* Width 3.9 in
* Packaged quantity 1


* Display Type TFT 3.5 in - Color
* Display Form Factor Built-in
* TV Standards Supported NTSC , PAL , SECAM

all in all it's cheap (80 on ebay,to around 130 retail)
easy to use,
exspandable to 18gb(2g internal + 16gb hcsd card)
and it will play everything from itunes format audiobooks to flv porn

and owning one does not exspose you to the risk of becoming a pod person

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