The PSP Dev Kit

Sup Techo-holics! Sorry i haven't been around but it's rather a pain, i lost the link, forgot how to log in and all other manner of nasty things until i realized i could use my gmail account, that and i've been a bit busy.

I just wanted to take a moment to debunk some of the myths and romantacism's associated with all the PSP Dev Kit Drama going around. That one crazy eBay post has gotten the underground console community in one big spin believing it to be a godsend that will send Sony under and make the homebrew comunity rule forever: (Credit for Picture: Engadget)

This is not some godly device made by a homebrew developer, look at the top left hand corner of the machine, does that logo seem familiar? Pertaining to a certain company relevant to the PSP? For those who can't see the colour grey it starts with an S and ends in ony...... That's right, this device was made by Sony, they sold a few of these bad boys when around the first generation of PSP's, it's a rare item for sure....but nothing more. So for anyone thinking Sony is so totally in for it now......Sony has had these, and been using their technology since they started developing the PSP.

But what does it actually do? You can be forgiven for asking, the answer is simple, the PSP Dev Kit is for developing and testing software for the PSP. So how is that new? The answer to this is also simple: It's Not. Like i said this is an old device in terms of the PSP timeline, and so is devloping software for it. The fact that people got excited over a "new" device for the development of psp software when they claim to be members of a community that has been all about developing psp software since the very first so sad indeed

Some other's raised the question "Could this help us crack the 3000" Whilst i can't really say, i highly doubt it, people cracked the 1000 without it, and the slim, and no one made any releases they claimed came to fruition from this dev kit machine. Plus sony has advanced and changed the hardware and firmware side of the psp so much over two generations it's unlikely this would have a whole lot more success reading from the 3000 then the hackers such as Dark_Alex would without it.

So to recap, no this is not some new godly hack shop device, it has been around for years, one just happened to pop up on ebay recently. As a result of this it is highly unlikely it will have any significant effect on "the community" or software releases. It's been a whole lot of kerfuffle over an eBay listing of a rare item available in the form of a toolchain that some developers have worked hard to develop.

Keep enjoying the Homebrew/Hacking Scene and Keep waiting for Awesome releases from the Developers that make it work.

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