O.LED displays coming to half of all mobile phones

In the absence of strong advancement in better battery technology, OLED displays are the cure to many of the consumer electronics’ industries power-hungry woes. OLED displays are more energy efficient than LCDs while providing more vibrant colors and can drastically increase the battery life of almost every handheld gadget out there: from handheld gaming systems to portable media players, from digital cameras to cell phones.

So the sooner we see mass roll-out of OLEDs in the consumer electronic industry, the better. And according to a new report, there’s a good estimate on the timescale of such a roll out: according to Samsung Mobile Display, OLED displays will be in over half of all mobile phones in the next five years.

It doesn’t just end there: Samsung also claims that the OLED power-sipping displays will be on 20 percent of digital cameras and 30 percent of portable game players within the same half decade.

That’s both good and bad news. While it’s great to have some sort of timescale on mass industry adoption, five years is a long time to wait as devices become increasingly more sophisticated and power-hungry, and we’re at least five years away from seeing batteries getting significantly better.

What this means is that the immediate future is going to be depressing for gadget lovers. It means that not only will we need to continue to charge our gadgets daily… but perhaps even twice daily.

If you think plugging your iPhone into your USB port once a day is annoying, it’s time to grit your teeth and soldier on. The O.LED future is in sight, but it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

(will their be a fix for the issue of o.led screens being nearly invisable in direct sunlight in time for the mass roll-out? we can only hope)

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