where has evil pat been???

i drove to colorado last week....

i passed through the Clinton Montana "testicle festival"photos on this link are nsfw (this is a real thing i swear)

i passed through little big horn saw custers head stone, and a young crow indian pissing on it
(i couldent make this shit up if i wanted to lol)

got trapped for 18 hours at a rest stop between lusk and duglas wyoming with only my trusty htc wizard to keep me company(lemmings and excite bike for 7 hours straight) , went to sleep in the storm.......

woke up with pink eye AND the flu (as it turns out,sleeping in your car in a blizzard is bad for you!, who knew right?)

and had to drive over monarch pass with one eye swollen shut,while trying to breath through congestion at 12312 feet over sea level

all in all it was a hell of a week, but i made it home from my odyssey ,
and i'm recovering nicely

hopefully the next trip willbe a little bit smother

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