Robotics Project Part 2

Part 2 of my robotics project, The motor control board...

for about 25 dollars, you can get a decent pre-soldered motor control board from any electronics/hobby company on the net. I am trying t

o build this as cheap as possible, however, and would also like to get in as much soldering time as possible. Doing it my self cost me about 3.75.

Using an L293D Motor driver IC (see pinout below), I will put instructions from the Arduino and power from an outside source through this board to step up and output power to my motors.

I used a perfboard from radio shack and some 24 (i think) gauge wire, along with a 16 pin IC holder.

Had to blob a few sections to keep the ground pins all connected:

And thats pretty much it for the motor control. I have the motors, gears, L293, and tank treads on order and they should be here later this week. I will update more once i have made some more progress.

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