Robotics Project

I guess I should show everyone what i've been doing lately. I am working on an autonomous robot. The first build will be a rover; driving around avoiding obstacles. The second build will have built in wireless control as well as a servo mounted burn laser. This will be done using an arduino, and as many salvage parts as i can find. I will start off with the base:

Using some standard half-inch plexi, I taped two pieces together and rounded the corners.

I then cut those two pieces in half and rounded the edges, here are the better 2 of the 4. I am keeping the other set in reserve in case i mess this set up.

Drilled holes for the posts for the top portion, 9-volt gives you an idea of how big these are:

Posts secured on the base:

The top level mounted to the base. The bolts were what I had laying around. They are 1/4 x 4".... I will be using 2" bolts for the final build. 9-volt and Arduino included for perspective.

That's it for the base. I have got a lot more done than this, but I will break it up into seperate posts. I don't want to have one long run-on post going here... Next up: Wiring the motor driver board.

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