apple plans to better serve ebook readers by...charging extra?

among the wildly underwhelming features announced during the invitation only ipad release is a full color ebook reader

and also ....a staggering price hike on all ebooks ...30%

why 30% more you ask?.....

why, that's what you pay apple for the privilege of being allowed to read it on their device of course!

the official word is that apple will allow higher prices as a concession to publishers, but you cant ignore the simple numbers........

Apple is asking publishers to set two e-book price points for "hardcover" best sellers: $12.99 and $14.99, with fewer titles offered at $9.99(the price of an ebook for the amazon kindle and kindle dx). In setting their own e-book prices, publishers would avoid the threat of heavy discounting. Apple would take a 30% cut of the book price, with publishers receiving theremaining 70%.

so lets review kiddies, who's getting the extra cash?
more money to authors? no
more to publishers ? no

more for this asshole? you betcha!

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