RFID Security for the Suzuki

I am not going to go into too much detail on this one, as most of the people that read this are local to me and may decide that it would be funny to attempt to bypass what i have done. I'm sure everyone gets what i mean there...

In prep for getting my implant done, I decided to set up an RFID starting system for my car. Since it was stolen early last month, i havent been able to start it without the help of a screwdriver. This had to stop.

I bought an RFID transponder on ebay for around 9 dollars and wired it up in a way that will allow me to turn my car to the start position (the part of the keyturn where the motor actually starts turning).

After wiring it all up, I still have to get a switch to put my car into the "on" position, but this setup is responsible for actually making the car run. More on this once i figure the rest out.

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