I am disappointed.

So, trolling the sites I most frequent, I came across this post on quickjump. It outlines a statement made by Andrew House of Sony. It basically says that Sony decided to release the Psp Go as a testbed to see how much we are actually willing to blow on their handheld consoles. 'Test the waters'? I call BS. I think they wanted to rush out a new handheld without thinking about the delivery system of their content. I have blown over 100 dollars on games through the PSN store. Do I regret spending money on Sony's proprietary content system? No.

Sony has new development in the works, as they always do. But for the multitudes of gamers out there to call this piece of hardware is a crock. The Go has a LOT of potential, just like the Sony Mylo had. To call this handheld dead is a bunch of crap. The psp homebrew community needs to pay more attention to this device and give it the same amount of attention as they have all the other versions of the Psp. The fact that this one has bluetooth integrated should be enough to entice developers to get some custom firmware developed already. Now, that is not to say that developing CFW is easy; I don't know the first thing about software development. However, there is no where NEAR as much following as the other models have. Sony will undoubtedly release the bigger better deal at some point, but what about those of us that have already sunk money into this version?

Get on it developers and don't let this handheld become another Mylo. I love my little buddy.

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