Majestic Immensity

We took a trip down to Klamath Falls, OR on Saturday and had a few minutes to stop and admire the wind farms on the Washington/Oregon border.

The farms seem to be comprised of 2 different types of turbines. The first are Vestas V80 turbines which kick out 2mW of power. The second are the behemoth Seimens SWT-2.3-93 that output 2.3mW of power. These turbines can be seen thrusting up from the ground like massive alien flowers spinning lazily in the wind to no ones tune but their own. Neither words or pictures can accurately describe how large these things really are. At some point we plan on going back on a day trip just to see the sights in the area, and I plan on getting as close to these as possible. If you are ever in the Goldendale/Biggs Jct area, you will see what I mean. If you don't plan on going that way anytime soon, I suggest you make plans to go see them. They are breathtaking.

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