What we are about.

I've recently had a couple different people ask me what the true purpose of this site is. 'Do you just link up some RSS feeds to engadget or CNN or something?'


All of our postings are hand written by us. We may quote what people have said or lay out press releases and such, but any post we make here has actually been researched by one of us. We then write it up how we see it and add our own thoughts and comments.

When I first started this site, I had intended on putting my own spin on the tech news i found and researched across the net, but that responsibility found its way over to Pat. The majority of my posts are intended to showcase my various acts of insanity where electronics are concerned. My hardware hacks/mods/creations are my own work and I take pride in them.

Pat seems to have a knack for finding news about cool technologies and advancements in electronics hardware and design. I don't think I've ever actually seen him hold a soldering iron (I might have to change that soon). He usually seems to defer to my lunacy where modifying something is concerned, although he has done his fair share in other areas.

We keep the site maintained because it is our hobby and our passion. Would I like to do this full time? Hell yes. I'd love to be a full time inventor and journalist (if you can call blogging on the scale we do it at journalism), but at this point we are rolling with what we have got.

I think I might actually backdate a copy of this post and link it up top so it's always viewable. Hrmm.

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