Being featured is fun!

I don't like RSS feeds. I don't. They are a convenient way to pad someone's website with other people's work, even if it spreads the word about something I've done. RSS feeds typically have a 'via X' link where 'X' is the site that the feed is coming from so that there is something to point to where the info originated, but when sites bounce RSS off each other, Google's webcrawler gets gummed up with a billion posts of the same thing.

What I like seeing is when other sites and their editors take the time to personally write something about me. No scripts, no RSS; an actual person typing something, just as I am right now.

I'd like to point out a few of those sites. Keep in mind, these are just posts that popped up about my gloves.

Gizmodo (Sorry about the harsh previous post. My opinion about your layout still stands though.)
Hack a Day
Right This Minute
Growing Up Otaku

These are just a few. To whomever actually takes the time to sit down and write about one of my exploits: I thank you. I hope that I get to return the favor someday.

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