Introducing: Boots.

My newest bot. I hadn't had time to build one recently, so I MADE time. Heh.

Not too much to say about the little guy. I scavenged the tracks/base off of a toy skid-loader. The base has a bay for 3 AA batteries, but i decided to add a 4-AA battery pack to get more speed out of him. I don't mind changing out the motors if I burn them out doing it. It's far more fun to watch him scoot around at the speed he does now.

I decided to name him Boots because 99% of the time I was working on him, my daughter had Dora blasting in the background and it stuck in my head.

His design is pretty basic:

Arduino Duemilanove
SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge
Parallax Ping sensor

At this point he just drives around avoiding obstacles. My main hurdle was getting the code to work properly. Thanks go out to the guys over at who helped with a lot of the problems i encountered.

Original donor body

Hooked up to my H-Bridge

All done and driving around

Top-down shot

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