Stun Gloves MKII


Introducing, the second version of my now highly popular gloves!

These ones are much, MUCH more powerful than my first build. How much more you ask? My first set put out 330v per glove. This set puts out 2300 VOLTS!

I took as many pics of the build process as possible, as well as a couple videos with commentary. Take a look after the break for the entire run down.


Spent last night hanging out with a friend. I gave him my original pair of gloves and we had a fun night of shocking the hell out of each other. A lot of people were wondering what this could do to a person. Well let me tell you, not only does it hurt, but there was smoke and burning hair as well (I'm a fairly hairy guy). Have a look:

It all started as sort of a joke... We were talking about real life super heroes and what our powers would be if we decided to fight crime. My choice was gloves that could shock people. I got some laughs/jests about it and that got things going. Thus the first version of my gloves were made.

This time around, i decided to forego the camera circuits and go for something a little stronger. A co-worker had jokingly mentioned how her boyfriend had shocked the hell out of her with an electric flyswatter, and that gave me some ideas...

The charging circuits on the disposable cameras are usually rated at about 330v. The electric flyswatters that are commercially available put out around 2300v.

After some searching, it turned out that my local Fiesta Foods had these on sale for about $5 a piece:

I got a couple and went home to start tearing into them. Let's get straight to the build log/photo stream.


Breaking open the racket/swatter.


Racket is open exposing the circuitry


Close up of the circuitry.


There was a momentary switch here that you would press to turn on the device. That's gone. I added the SPST switch you see in the picture to be able to toggle the gloves off and on.


I used some parts off of the remains of the disposable cameras for the finger contacts.Soldered the leads from the fly swatter to the back of them and glued them into place on the fingertips of my new gloves.


Contacts all finished.


All wired up. I cut the racket handle down to size and ran the leads out the top. I ran the leads from there to the fingers.


First wrist strap added.


All done!




First test:



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stuffmlpfim said...

can you please make me a pair, i'll pay as much as i can (around 8 bucks. 5 in cash and 3 on a trget gift card.)