The tazer-gloves

So... we were having a conversation at
work about what your super power would be if you, a
normal human, decided to try and fight crime like Phoenix Jones. I
had decided that I'd use my staff along with some home-made tech. First order of business would be gloves that could taze people. I got some laughs at that. So i decided to make a set that actually work.

**EDIT** Since posting this i have switched out the momentaries with SPST switches. Now i don't have to hold down a button to recharge. Plus, I am already working on plans for version 2. They will be more stable and less ghetto looking. Altoids tins are a gift from the Gods, but project boxes are better.


Several discarded disposable cameras (Thanks Walgreens!)
AA batteries
2 altoids tins
Dollar store dog collars
Some rubberized fishing gloves from Wal-Mart
2 single pole single throw momentary switches


Outlining the Altoids tin

Holes for the finger contacts to come through

Momentary switch to charge he capacitor

The whole setup nice and snug

Test fit

Looking good!

Individual finger contact

Hand showing finger contacts

Both on

Palms up

I think if i added bigger capacitors or a bank of them, i could get that "knock you unconcious" effect, but just disabling you with high voltage is enough for me now.

Some video of it in action:


umadbones? said...

I would love to try and make these. Are there more detailed instructions for us less tech savvy? If not could we possibly get a set? That would be amazing!

Guy Krogermeijer said...

Where is the video showing how it works on people? You need sustained power not just a single arc.

burritolikethesun said...

Just use a project box with two prongs. Did it in high school--less complex and easier to conceal.

ElderPromethean said...

Those squeeze to power emergency flash lights you find at dollarstores comes to mind real quick!!! I pick them up all the time... Now i know what to do with them!!!