world's first transparent head-mounted display with Wi-Fi

It's got almost the same "dollar store sunglasses" look as most other head-mounted displays(although for my money it looks much cooler than sony's
hmz-t1 ,also droping this month in japan)
but What sets it apart, is the introduction of the first transparent lenses for see-through viewing. As such, you can enjoy your media in private while still maintaining an awareness of your surroundings.

The screen resolution is just 960 x 540 pixels, but it appears to the viewer as a giant 320-inch display positioned about 20 meters away. The mobile viewer is proportioned so it can fit over proscription glasses and it comes with a small control unit that runs Android 2.2(droid blaster on this thing should be very cool) and features Wi-Fi connectivity, six-hours of battery life, detachable headphones, and 1GB of internal storage augmented by a bundled 4GB SDHC card with support for 32GB
(why does no one ever ship the card you'll need with this stuff? honestly, why even bother with a 4gig?) .

The Moverio BT-100 will be on sale in Japan starting November 25th for a suggested price of ¥50,000 (about $643).

now for the obvious (to me anyway) question .....

will someone please make some augmented reality games for this,NOW?

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