My apologies

I am sorry for not putting anything new up in a while. I have recently moved and am currently without internet. I have been using my Optimus as a wifi AP to get the small bursts of connection i need to keep me from going insane. But never fear! dd-wrt and an linksys wrt54g router (or, i should say... my army of them) will help me figure out a way to get online. Even if i have to wire one up to my car battery and repeat an open signal from down the street. I'll git'r done.

You would think that I would have all this extra time to dream up some insanity that explodes, shocks, or unlocks things, but I actually haven't. The weather here has been terrible, so I cannot work on the remote controlled power wheels, and I have temporarily shelved my LITV project until i can get some stable internet to continue my research. That and the fact that I am very limited on fundings at the moment, makes it terribly hard to do any gadgeteering. All will become normal again soon, and then I will be able to sort out the madness in my head and weave it into the homespun cloth that is the basis for my ideas.

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