initial windows 8 review

i was VERY EXCITED to start playing with win8 when i got my beta copy back on the 22nd

but one thing became clear very quickly , windows 8(or "metro" depending on witch blog your reading)
is built to revolve around a slew of apps and services that don't exist yet

the new app/tile interface MIGHT be very cool....... if all the tiles worked properly,
and as of yet the apps market is incredibly sparse(91 unpaid apps as of the time of this post)

i recently bought a wholesale lot of ekan "A pads" and found out upon receiving them that the android market had been chopped down to virtually nothing due to Chinese censorship
(buying anything "hong kong direct" has its risks)

my win 8 experience thus far has been much the same as that , this could be very cool......except half the stuff to make it cool is missing"

i'll post a follow up in a while ,as i don't think its fair to review this as-is..........

but so far this is NOT EvilPat approved 

the email app clunky and not especially responsive

the people app is nearly exactly like the Xbox Facebook app,with the added functionality to add twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

the maps app is powered by bing maps,with all the built in lack of functionality that that implys

the desktop is largely unchanged, with the glaring exception of the missing start menu,witch makes getting to the control panel or any other sub-level function a pain

overall ,I'm left with a feeling that this is not even ready for beta.

more to come 

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