Canvas and Mesh Backpack Review

Alright, so I just recently bought a 14" ultrabook (maybe a review on that at some point) and decided to go all out and buy accessories for it. One of the things I got since I am a bag whore is a new pack for it to ride around in if I ever decide to take it with me somewhere. I bought the bag through Amazon (Link here) and used my prime account to get it in just a few days. Here's what I think about it.

I'm a guy about 6'0 and the size of this bag isnt so small that its going to look weird over one shoulder. But it is indeed smaller than something like a Jansport bag's typical size.

On the front there are 3 zippered pouches and 1 smaller velcro pouch. On either side are mesh pouches that might possibly fit a 20oz Mtn dew bottle or something. I have two glasses cases, one for my actual glasses and the other is filled with various flash drives and stuff like usb otg adapters and whatnot. they fit perfectly in these pouches.

The inside has one big open area and a second smaller pocket type section as well as a zippered pouch on the back. Which brings me to the back... The back itself as well as the straps are foam padded and would work great for protecting a tablet or notebook. I have a 14" widescreen ultrabook that I bought this for. It fits perfectly inside with about an inch and a half left to close the bag. I keep the ultrabook inside a neoprene padded sleeve. Its a snug fit, but all of it fits in there with enough room left over for my wireless mouse, charger, cords, and any other crap i feel like throwing in.

All in all, this bag looks great. it's exactly as depicted and i think is going to last me a long time. The material and zippers seem to be durable and only time will tell how well it stands up to the beating im going to give it. One last thing... When I opened the box, there was a tag attached to the bag with a card.. On one side it said 'Made in China' and had a barcode... The other side had a picture of a sun and the words: 'It's Feasible!' on it.... This made me laugh my ass off. I think someone over in the manufacturer's shop was playing with Google translate a bit too much...

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